Vegetable sommelier hospitality course [HP limited 2000 yen → 1400 yen] to dining at one person

1400 yen

+ Drink coupon available Allowed (wine you can drink Tasu880 yen, 90 minutes drink FD + 1000 yen)

Available at the time coming to a store in one person.

■ we have issued a five your appetizer using the vegetables that arrived to recommend appetizer five that day

Marinade made with example Urban farm Asaoka's Midi tomato
Tokushima Prefecture Nishioka's home carrot Rapenamuru taste
Shin onion blueberry sauce
Pumpkin of Nanban pickled
- Bamboo shoot hemp Auntie and served the appetizer five and so on.

■ of fresh vegetables 17 item salad

■ season commitment soup

Example, carrot soup
Tomato plenty of minestrone
Shin onion whole soup
We have put out soup one article you made with seasonal vegetables such as such as, turnip potage.

■ Pan

■ main dish

Your favorite main from the following menu you can choose your one.

- Roast beef served with homemade sauce
• In mashed potatoes eat pork saute
Basil chicken saute
Scallop grilled tapenade source

Coupon that can be used

  • 【All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat coupons only 90 minutes】
    1400 yen → 880 yen
    All you can drink red wine and white wine

    • Presentation conditions
      When ordering
    • Conditions of use
      Lunch time / dinner time available / 1 person / ~ / card use unavailable / food stuff / other tickets / service can not be used together
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of August 2017
  • 【Special coupons only FD 90 minutes】
    1500 yen → 1000 yen
    All-you-can-drink 90-minute drink in the FD menu

    • Presentation conditions
      Please tell at reservation & upon reservation at the time of reservation.
    • Conditions of use
      Reservation required / 1 person / ~ Hot Pepper Meal Tickets can be used together / other tickets / services can not be used together / cards not allowed
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of August 2017