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Vegetable sommelier leisure course 【Happiness course】 3000 yen

Vegetable sommelier leisure course 【Happiness course】 3000 yen

By using a coupon3000 yen

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Reservation deadline
Until 17 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

Course menu

■ Recommended appetizers 5 kinds Three kinds of appetizers using vegetables arrived on that day have been served

Example · Marinade made with midi tomato of Urban Farm Asaoka

· Tokushima prefecture Nishioka family ginseng Rapenamul taste

· New Onion Blueberry Sauce

· Pickled pumpkin in Nambucana

· We will offer three kinds of appetizers such as bamboo shoots Maiko.

■ 1 salad of fresh vegetables

Example · Caesar salad

· New burdock's crispy salad

· Tofu salad to eat with a large leaf dressing

· We have served a salad according to the season, such as Hinata summer and walnut bucket salad etc.

■ Carpaccio

· Smoked salmon carpaccio

■ Seasonal commitment soup

Example · Ginseng soup

Minestrone with plenty of tomatoes

· Whole new onion soup

· We have served 1 soup made from seasonal vegetables such as turnip's potage.

Seasonal hot vegetables

Examples - Bagna cauda

· We have delivered seasonal hot vegetables such as new onion steak and so on.

■ Bruschetta

Example · Bruschetta with tomatoes and avocados

· Smoked salmon nobruschetta

· Mushrooms sauté Parsley Garlic cutter etc of garlic sauce etc. We have delivered 1 bruschetta.

Main cuisine

Example · Ratatouille chicken saute

· Homemade roast beef

· Potato soutzna and tomato sauce

· We have delivered 1 main item such as chicken's incense grill etc.

■ After dinner dessert

Example · Tomato gelatin with granola

· Cake etc.

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